The Tiktik App Can Help Find the Best Network in Your Area


Tiktik App Can Help Find the Best Network in Your Area

Compare mobile networks here. Port my number easy
Compare mobile networks here. Port my number easy

Consumer trust in telecom is broken, tiktik attemts to fix it. tiktik answers the following two questions fairly well:

  1. what is the best network for my locality?
    what is the best recharge for my usage?

Wonder which is the mobile service provider that will offer fastest internet speed and lowest call drops in your home, college or office area? Which is the best recharge offer as per your smartphone usage? Is there a way to find out the best plan being offered by mobile operators? Here’s an app that claims to help you in all this.

however it’s nonetheless laborious to justify the degree of entry being given, contemplating that the main perform – of checking the community in your space, is achieved by querying TRAI on-line. Here’s what the app’s Google Play itemizing web page has to say on why these permissions are wanted:

  1. Location: to determine the greatest cell community wherever you’re in India

  2. SMS: to ship toll-free SMS to guard you in opposition to spam callers & stability cuts. We obtain SMS, do not learn them. We want this for port, management SIM options.

  3. Phone: to dial and test my greatest affords for you.

  4. Photos: to immediately share app insights with your pals. We is not going to entry your private information.

  5. Identity & Device ID: to ship a number of necessary notifications (not adverts) to your e mail ID. No spam assured.

  6. Contacts & Call-Log: for the fun-insights. This function works even on aeroplane mode, we do not entry any private info.

We tested the app in both Bengaluru and Delhi, and saw consistent results which matched the information we could get from the TRAI site, so Tiktik is using live or at least recent data. So right now, for example, data on Jio’s relative coverage in Mayur Vihar Phase 1 isn’t available, but the average download speed is listed at above 10Mbps. For comparison, we also tried out Netflix’s, where the speed of our Jio connection (at the time of writing) was 8Mbps. Tiktik shows Vodafone as having a full strength connection, with a speed between 5-10Mbps, the same as Airtel, while put our Vodafone connection at 8.7Mbps.

That’s important because even on a minute to minute basis, there is plenty of fluctuation in mobile data speeds and signal strength, so the information being given by Tiktik should be treated as indicative, not absolute. As long as you remember that, it would be helpful to use.

How tiktik works

Instead of relying on third-party sources, which may or may not be accurate, tiktik analyses publicly available operator information on Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) to present a five-star rating for all networks in one’s locality.

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