Top 5 Free Apps That Download in Your Phone Before Going to Travel


5 Free Apps That Download in Your Phone Before Going to Travel

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If you are thinking of finding a place that can be a problem of slow Internet speed, then we have brought 5 apps for you that work fast in both 2G and 3G networks. The biggest feature of these apps is that they are used more for cheap smartphones because they use very little RAM and storage. Know about the names and features of these 5 apps.

  • YouTube Go
    YouTube Go
    YouTube Go
    Developer: Google LLC
    Price: To be announced

    If you want to use Youtube on limited data or slow internet speed, YouTube Go is a better option for you. This app offers all the features like the standard Youtube app.
  • Maps Go

    If you are going to a village or another place where Slow internet is a problem, Maps Go can be a better option for you. With the help of this app you can locate your location from the village to the jungles. With this you want to be told you can find it in seconds. This app can use very little data. Its biggest feature is that it works fast in cheap smartphones. So if your phone is experiencing slow internet speed, then use this app.
  • Shazam Lite
    Shazam Lite - Discover Music
    Shazam Lite - Discover Music
    Developer: Apple, Inc.
    Price: To be announced

    Many times during the journey you hear a song you want to download to your smartphone. In such a way Shazam Lite can work for you. This app recognizes the song playing in the background and gives you all the information. This app occupies only 1MB of space in your smartphone. Apart from this, Slow works well in Internet Speed too.
  • Uber Lite
    Uber Lite
    Uber Lite
    Price: To be announced

    Transportation is the most important thing during any trip. In such a way, the Uber Lite app can be of great use to you. With this app, you can book anywhere and at anytime. Keeping in mind the safe journey of women at unknown places, this is a great service. This app replaces only 5MB in your smartphone and it also works fast in the Slow Network area.
  • Amazon Kindle Lite

    If you like to read on-line book, download Amazon Kindle Lite on your smartphone. This app occupies 5MB of space in your smartphone. Apart from this, this app works fast in both the 2G and 3G networks. This app gives you 50 million online on-line book.

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