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Eye Care

eye care tips

Hey Folks today I will tell you 10 eye care tips in summer that tips are very useful for you. Hot summer not cool for your eyes so, by the help of these tips that can help you to prevent your beautiful and sensitive eyes what you do and what you don’t do with your eyes.

10 eye care tips

Do :

1. Wash your hands with soap and water or use sanitizer few times every day.
2. Take frequent breaks. regular pc users ought to take a ten minute break each hour.
3. Blink a lot of usually. Tears within the eye evaporate quicker throughout long non-blinking phases and cause dry eyes.
4. Exercise even when sitting. Move about or exercise frequently.
5. Get sufficient sleep. Fatigue promotes eyestrain.

Don’t do: 

1. Do not go for swimming if the pool is not maintained well.
2. Do not go near the person having conjunctivitis. Do not share clothing or bed.
3. Do not touch your eyes.
4. Do not wear contact lens if you have a red eye.
5. Do not share eye drops as it can cause cross contamination.

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