10 Websites to Buy and Sell Used Mobile Phones Online in India


Buy and Sell Used Mobile Phones Online in India

There are many popular websites which allow users to sell and also buy used smartphones and tablets in India. Today, we have listed 10 websites, where you can sell or buy used phones as well.

Buy and Sell Used Mobile Phones Online in India

1. Junglee:

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Junglee is owned by Amazon. So, it is the trusted mobile site to buy an old mobile phone or to sell a one. The Junglee.com was launched in India in February 2012 as a comparison-shopping website.

2. OLX:

OLX is the largest online market to buy and sell used items. You can buy any second-hand mobiles, gadgets, types of furniture, instruments and more. You can trust on OLX even with closed eyes.

3. Quikr:

Quickr is the main competitor of OLX. It is also in the same business of buying and selling old items.

4. Mobiles4sale:

Mobile4sale is the Indian website dedicated only to mobiles. You can buy and sell mobile here.

5. cashify:

Previously, this website name is Reglobe. Cashify only deals on buying and selling of gadgets.

6. 91mobiles :

Mobile Price Comparison App
Mobile Price Comparison App
  • Mobile Price Comparison App Screenshot
  • Mobile Price Comparison App Screenshot

91mobiles is the gadget research portal and they also sell old mobiles.

7. Buy N Sell Mobile:

This website is dedicated to buying and selling of smartphone online.

8. MoSwap :

You can buy and sell android devices, iPad, iPhone, computer and tablets here on MoSwap.

9. Budli.in:

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Users have some good reviews on this website. that means You can give a try on this website.

10. Atterobay:

Sell your mobile at best price on Atterobay. This website only has selling option.

Before buying the used phone, you should follow these tips:

  1. Always try to contact person in your city. It will help you to reach the person and see the actual condition of the phone.
  2. If possible, take the phone at least day or two. It will help you to judge the phone’s battery. If not possible, ask him about the battery backup.
  3. Check the battery, IMEI number and bill of the phone. There may be the possibility that the owner has stolen the phone. You may be getting into trouble. So check the ownership of the phone is most recommend step.
  4. Check the manufacturing of the device. There are few cheat codes that will show you the manufacturing of the device and battery.
  5. Check the current market price of the phone in various online retailers.

Buyer should try to buy things from a seller from their city itself as far as possible to avoid scam. And Payment should be made in hand on receiving the product.

These are the best websites and apps to buy and sell the second-hand products online in India. If you have any experiences in any of these websites, let us know in the below comments. Also, if you know any other best website buy and sell, comment them below. We will update the list with all the mentions.

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