13-Digit Mobile Numbers from 1 July for M2M Communication


13-Digit Mobile Numbers


  • Decision will not have any effect on mobile phone SIMs
  • 13-digit M2M numbering plan will be implemented from July 1
  • Migration of numbers to 13 digits will start by October 1, 2018


If you feel that your phone number is of great concern, then you may have to remember the 13 digit mobile number soon. In terms of security, the telecom department has issued an order in which consumers have been told to issue 13 digit mobile numbers.

Number of pre-existing consumers will be changed from October 1, 2018 to 13 digits. The Department of Telecom has laid the last date for completion of this work on December 31, 2018.

An officer of BSNL said in the statement that, “It has been decided that from July 1, 2018 to 13 digit M2M (Machine to Machine) numbering plan will be started. The already existing 10 digit mobile connections will also be given the number of 13 digits. These will be replaced by 1 October 2018. The final date for completing this work will be December 31, 2018.

This is M2M Technology

M2M SIM is a technology that allows smartphones and other devices to communicate between LoT devices and systems. This is very different from the normal GSM SIM. Under GSM SIM communication is possible only from one phone to another.

Difference between M2M SIM and the normal SIM

M2M SIM is different from the regular SIM card used in mobile devices. These are special SIMs which are used mostly in IOT or connected devices which allow communication between two or more devices. M2M SIM is not considered ideal for mobile devices because they only allow data communication. Special operators made for that special purpose are provided by different operators. M2M communication is commonly used in warehouse management, robotics, traffic control, logistics services, supply management, remote control, etc. Apart from this, it also has an important role in the field of the Internet. People use the normal SIM mobile in the same place.

This is being done due to the 13 digit mobile number

Due to the constant increase in the number of mobile users, there is no scope for issuing new numbers in the 10-digit series. In the way the mobile subscribers are increasing, in the same way, a series of more than 10 points has been decided.

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