What is 5G Network ? Everything You know about 5G


Everything You know about 5G

Nokia, Airtel To Collaborate on 5G, Internet of Things Applications

While 5G isn’t expected until 2020, an increasing number of companies are investing now to prepare for the new mobile wireless standard. We explore 5G, how it works and its impact on future wireless systems.

What exactly is 5G?

The “G” in 5G means “generation”. The mobile device technology started with 1G technically in the early 90s and has grown to 2G when companies began to allow people to send text messages between mobile devices.

5G a connection should meet most of these eight criteria:

  • One to 10Gbps connections to end points in the field
  • One millisecond end-to-end round trip delay
  • 1000x bandwidth per unit area
  • 10 to 100x number of connected devices
  • (Perception of) 99.999 percent availability
  • (Perception of) 100 percent coverage
  • 90 percent reduction in network energy usage
  • Up to ten-year battery life for low power, machine-type devices

Why do we need it?

One of the most advantages of 5G technology over 4G won’t be its speed of delivery – that confessedly might bebetween 10Gbps and 100Gbps – however the latency. At present, 4G is capable of between 40ms and 60ms, that is low-latency however not enough to produce period of time response. Multiplayer vice, for instance, needs a lower latency than that to make sure that after you hit a button, the remote server responds instantly.

How does it work?

5G technologies would require advanced ICT infrastructure.
Using a sort of encoding called OFDM, the network can use new frequencies which will be ready to hold plentyadditional data at a time.
These frequencies will travel through a network of smaller cells, like Wi-Fi routers, instead of being projected out of big towers. In turn this will make the whole network more robust.

How much is 5G going to cost me?

Both Huawei and Nokia agreed that 5G can’t value an excessive amount of more than what shoppers are paying nowfor 4G; otherwise, no one’s about to adopt the technology. however it’s really too early to mention how much 5G devices and services will cost.

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