7 Apps to Make your Life Easier in the UAE


Life Easier in the UAE

If you’re lucky enough to live in the United Arab Emirates, you’ll know that this country has an enviable selection of shopping opportunities, food outlets, and entertainment attractions. Also many startup apps has been launched that make the life easier in UAE.


So what are the best apps to have on your smartphone to make sure that you don’t miss out on anything in this exciting country?

Best Apps You Must Use in Dubai

Visit Dubai and Dubai Calendar Apps

Whether you’re a resident or just a visitor, having the Visit Dubai and Dubai Calendarapps on your mobile is good place to start.

These free apps are available for Android and iOS devices and they are routinely updated with everything from information about the latest music festivals to hit the nation, to some special offers for some of the newest restaurants in the UAE.

Dubai Metro and RTA Dubai apps

Getting around the UAE has been made a whole lot easier thanks to the Dubai Metro and RTA Dubai apps.

The Dubai Metro app is essential for providing metro timings and fares, whilst the award-winning RTA Dubai app can help drivers navigate around the nation, pay for their parking, and even renew their driver’s license at the push of a button.

Uber App

The taxi-hailing app, Uber, has also been a big hit in the UAE over recent years for the simple and cheap way that it allows users to get around the busy city streets.

And with the addition of some fun Snapchat filters to boost the enjoyment of the ride, it shows how apps are becoming a fixed part of our daily lives in the UAE.

Price: Free
  • Uber Screenshot
  • Uber Screenshot

Deliveroo app

Similarly, Deliveroo have also enjoyed a great deal of popularity on people’s smartphones thanks to the way that their app allows users to browse and order a range of restaurant-quality foods.

So that whether it’s a healthy snack to enjoy on the beach, or even a lavish banquet to be delivered to your door, it’s apps like these that prove that we’re living easier lives than ever before.

Google Translate app

One thing that everybody who lives in the UAE will know is just how many different nationalities currently reside in the nation. With 83% of the country’s population being foreign-born, it can sometimes make for some seriously stilted conversations!

So this is why downloading the Google Translate app to your smartphone can be a real-liver saver in helping you to communicate whilst staying in this famously cosmopolitan nation.

Google Translate
Google Translate
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
  • Google Translate Screenshot
  • Google Translate Screenshot

So all these are very useful apps that really makes your life easier in UAE, you can order foord from the app, call taxi, take metro, communicate using Google translate and get to know about most happening places in Dubai from Visit Dubai apps. You must try these apps.

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