7 Most Useful Computer Keyboard Shortcuts You Must Know


Computer Keyboard Shortcuts

Microsoft Modern Keyboard

Most of you people use computers or laptops. Some people may also know about some shortcut keys, but you may hardly know about the 8 shortcuts we are going to talk about today.

Let’s see for yourself.

  • Ctrl + Insert

    We usually use Ctrl + C to copy any text, but do you know that you can also copy a text from Ctrl + Insert.

  • Alt + TAB

    If you are running a lot of programs and want to see each tab without touching the mouse, then press Alt + TAB. You will see all the tabs simultaneously. Now leave the tab in which you want to go.

  • Alt + F4

    With the help of both of these you can close any program. You can also shut down your computer after closing all programs.

  • Window + D

    By pressing these two together, you can always access the desktop directly.

  • Ctrl + Home and Ctrl + End

    To start at the beginning of any document, press Ctrl + Home and Ctrl + End to go to the end. These keys also work on the webpage.

  • Shift + Insert

    You use Ctrl + V to paste any copied text, but you can also paste the mapped copy of the copy by pressing Shift + Insert.

  • Ctrl + Y

    Many times we make mistakes. In this way we undo by pressing Ctrl + Z. Well you can also redo the undo from Ctrl + Y.

  • Window + L

    With this help you can lock your computer. Let’s say that all these shortcuts are for Windows only. These will not work in Apple’s Mac.

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