AirSelfie is a Pocket-Sized Selfie Drone



The AirSelfie can take pictures from 66 feet away and can capture aerial 
shots that were previously unreachable, like in stadiums or statues.



  • Pocket-sized drone
  • Charging phone case
  • 2.4GHz Wi-Fi direct w/ 66ft range
  • 3-minute flight time
  • Android and iOS app
  • 5-megapixel camera
  • Manufacturer: AirSelfie

If habitual selfie-taking is beginning to take a toll on your arm then listen up, AirSelfie just launched one of the most efficient and high-quality pocket-sized flying cameras for your smartphone. Yes, you read that correctly. So prepare to ditch the selfie stick, give your arm a rest, and never worry about having to ask a stranger for help ever again.
as the only pocket-sized drone camera that integrates with your smartphone, airselfie lets you see your daily life from a different perspective, and wants to bring aerial photography to the masses. as part of a growing number of convenience-orientated drone cameras, the airselfie is the sleekest one yet (you also might want to read about the selfly phone case, we’ve published earlier this year)

Official Site : AirSelfie        

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