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Android Pie

Android P

Google officially told about the new version of its new Android operating system that the new version is named Android. Its preview was released very long ago. Android Pie Soon you will find many smartphones. You will find many advanced features in Android Pie. A lot of changes and many good features have been added to this operating system, which will be very much like the Android user. You may also want to know about this Android Pie Feature.

Android Pie Features

  • Notch Support

You will find nine support in Android Pie. After the launch of the iPhone X, many smartphones have launched nine-wheeler smartphones. Given this new trend, Google has provided nine support. There are many types of smartphones available in the smartphone, and Android P will support all types of boats.

  • Privacy

In privacy pi also the privacy is kept in mind. In the present time, many applications ask for many additional permissions according to which the user is worried about privacy, but now any application will not be able to access your privacy which is a very good thing.

  • Camera

Dual cameras can be seen in many different smartphones nowadays but they can not control the camera separately, but due to the availability of multi camera API support in Android pie, Dual cameras will be able to use the camera better in the smartphone i.e. Will be able to use the camera.

  • Notification

Many changes will be seen in the Android Pie related to the notification, as the notification sent to the notification panel will be able to see the image and you will be able to reply to any message smart reply which can be very useful, along with various types of notifications and related features. went.

  • Setting Menu

Black and white icons are usually seen on our smartphones now, but if all these icons are tangled, then how will it be? In the Android Pie you will see all icons colorful which will be very awesome. With this, user experience will be even better.

  • Power Button

Allows Android has appeared in the middle of the option of taking the power button powers the smartphone by pressing just the power button on changes Samnytur off, reboot screen but Android pie which will appear once in the right side by pressing the power button you Three options will appear Power of, Restart and Screenshots. Now you can easily take a screenshot by touching it.

  • Volume Slider

There will also be changes in the volume buttons with the power button in the Android pie. On Samnytur does now appear an option to control the volume up on pressing the volume button but Android pie, you’ll see the right side of the screen.

  • Indoor Positioning

Finding accurate location with the help of a smartphone is a little hard but after the advent of Android pi you can easily see the perfect location. In Android Pie you get IEEE 802.11mc Wi-Fi protocol support, due to which you can be found in any mall or in the market, you will find it easily.

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