Apple First Game


Just 30 years ago … Steve Jobs presented the first Macintosh computer !
At the time of the smartphone, the tablet and the laptop, the first machine of the Apple brand has perhaps a long face.
However, it is a revolution in computing : on January 24, 1984, Steve Jobs, the historical patron of the apple brand presents the 128k (for the 128 kb of RAM embedded), with its screen of nine Inches.The first Macintosh was already all in one. The first personal computer launched by Apple Computer will benefit a few days before an exclusive advertisement during Super Bowl games.

At the price of $ 2,995, it sells 70,000 in five months. Already strong in itsapplications, its creation was motivated by the desire for a powerful machine at an affordable price for the American middle class, when a computer was worth before $ 10,000.


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