The Apple iPhone X is most breakable iPhone launched ever


The Apple iPhone X is most breakable iPhone launched ever

iPhone X

Going into the iPhone X launch, one of my most pressing concerns was how to protect it without ruining the gorgeous design, notch not included. The handset has front and back glass panels like the iPhone 8 models, and they’re likely to crack when dropped just right. Making things worse, Apple already revealed that it’ll cost you about an iPhone 7 to fix the iPhone X.

  • With the iPhone X priced at $999, customers will hope for bang for their buck
  • But breakability tests show that its glass exterior may cause it to be very fragile
  • The phone’s screen shattered in a face down drop test from six feet (1.83 meters)
  • In addition, the phone’s new facial recognition technology no longer worked
  • Apple is charging $279 for front screen replacement and $549 for other repairs

The iPhone X certainly looks stunning, but according to a new stress test, some of its durability has been compromized in favor of attention-grabbing design — resulting in the new handset being Apple’s most breakable iPhone ever.

Stress tests by SquareTrade Labs used a range of scientific robots to drop, bend, tumble, and dunk their new iPhone X to see how it managed to hold up to “everyday” damage. Check out the video below:


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