Apple Launches iOS 11.3 Data Privacy and Battery Features


Apple Launches iOS 11.3


Apple has released an update of iOS 11.3 in which many important features are provided and the impression will also be seen. If you use the iPhone then the new update is for you. Facebook is in constant headlines for data leaks and questions are also raised on the company’s policy. In this way Apple has started giving information of privacy and data to the people with this update.

Let’s know what new features will be available in your iPhone after this new update

This update can be installed in iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch 6th Generation. For this you can go to iOS Settings and click on Software Update. You will need WiFi to install updates.

These main features will be available with iOS 11.3

  • Battery health

It was recently reported that Apple intentionally reduces the performance of the older iPhone and is said to be the reason behind the battery. Now after this update, iPhone users can view their device’s battery health. If you need to change the battery, you will be told through the notification.

  • New Animosity Feature

This feature, given in iOS 11.3, is for iPhone X users only. There are 4 new animo characters in it. Among them, there are lions, bears, dragons and skulls. This facial job works by tracking the movement and can only be sent to iPhone X users.

  • Data and privacy

In the new version, the company has updated data and privacy related information. Now users will be able to read what their information is being used. A new privacy icon has been provided for it which will be seen when a company asks for data from you for an application.

There are some other features in this new update, which includes changes in new videos and top stories in Apple news. Apart from this, this update includes bug fixes and imprompts as usual.

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