Apple May Introduce New iOS 12 in WWDC 2018 with New Lock Screen


Apple New iOS 12


WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) that runs from June 4 to June 8 next year, Apple can make many announcements in 2018. One of these announcements would be Apple’s new OS IOS12, however, currently there is not much information available about this operating system. According to the information from Apple’s website, the iPhone’s lock screen will completely change from this new OS.

According to these features released on the website, the new OS will show the compartment feature like Apple’s lock screen Apple Watch. Through this, users will be able to see the short cut of the app on the lock screen, so they will be able to access these apps. If media reports say these icons will be in 3D touch, then users will be able to see them through Detached View. Such as phone app, weather app, music app, stock and any other app can be placed on the lock screen.

Apart from this, on the iPhone, X can be added on the basis. These features have been viewed in some Android smartphones. Apple’s new OS can be a new volume indicator, which can be seen in the upper part of the lock screen. This can be seen in the ongoing picture on the website. A dark mood can also be seen in the new OS. However, there are many more runoffs about the new OS, these rumors will emerge only after June 4.

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