Apple may launch next iPhone models as soon as September 2017


Apple hints that iPhone 8 will launch in September


KGI Securities has released a report that has presented a prediction that Apple will launch the upcoming iPhones as soon as next month. There has been a buzz around regrading this year’s iPhone launch according to which Cupertino giant will launch three iPhone variants simultaneously and KGI’s predictions no different.

KGI reports that Apple will launch three models of iPhones with varying screen sizes viz. 4.7-inch LCD, 5.5-inch LCD and 5.8-inch OLED. It has also ruled out the speculations of the OLED display iPhone’s delayed launch and stated that all the three smartphones will be launched together although the OLED iPhone will have a constrained supply.

The report also claims that the mass production for the OLED iPhone will begin mid-September contradicting with the earlier reports of the mass production starting mid-October. KGI also reports that only 2-4 million units of the OLED iPhone is expected to be available by the end of third quarter. The report also predicts that the supply constraint will exist till the first quarter of 2018.

KGI Securities has also made a prediction for iPhone shipments by model for the rest of the year at 45-50 million OLED units, 35-38 million 4.7-inch LCD units, and 18-20 million 5.5-inch LCD units.

Yet another prediction for iPhone models states that iPhones will be limited to just three colors viz. Black, Silver, and Gold. 2016 flagship iPhones are currently come in Matte Black, Jet Black, Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, and Red colors. is in many variants.

KGI Securities boasts few of the best Apple analysts in the world and the reports are all too believable. We hope they turn out to be true and we can get a good look at the upcoming iPhones by next month.

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