Apple, Samsung, Huawei 5+ Companies Launch Foldable Smartphones in 2019


Foldable Smartphones in 2019

Samsung Galaxy X Foldable Smartphone

In the case of smartphones, technology is changing every day. The incoming time is of the phone for the phone. Continuous patents are being filed for this. Almost all major companies, including Apple, Samsung and LG, are preparing to dominate their phones in the foldable phone market. Today we are telling you about the 5 top foldable phones in the future.

  • Samsung Galaxy X: It is believed that this well-known Samsung phone may be launched next year. According to media reports, this phone will have three screens. Also, it can be converted from the phone to the tablet. The front of this phone will have two screens of 3.5 inch, which will become a 7-inch screen when folded. It will also have a 3.5-inch screen with the help of which the front will be seen behind the screen. It is estimated that it could be released until next year 2019.
  • Motorola Razor: Media reports say Motorola is also working on foldable phones. It is believed that the company’s foldable phones can be marketed under the branding of Motorola Razor. Motorola had filed a patent for the first 2 Screen Foldable phones sometime ago. In this, after the phone’s screen flip it can be used as a tablet. There will be two cameras and it can be folded in three ways.
  • LG Folding Smartphone: LG is ahead of all in terms of rolling and folding display. Company’s folding display screen also uses companies like Hua. In January this year, LG filed a patent for a phone with a flexible display. This phone can be folded from the middle. According to the design given in the patent, this phone can be folded in two ways. One can be used like a tablet and another can be used by turning it from the middle. This phone will have two screens.
  • Apple Foldable iPhone: iPhone in the fashionable phone market, Apple is also preparing like other companies. The company has filed a patent for it. Apple had filed patents with ‘Flexible Display with Electronic Devices’ patent last November. In this, details were given about the design of the Foldable phone. It was stated that Flexible Display Technology can also be used in cellular telephones. It is a clear indication that this patent has been filed for foldable phones.
  • Huawei Folding Phone: Chinese company Huawei is also working on a foldable smartphone. In October last year, the company’s CEO Richard Yew told that the company has a working prototype of the phone foldable. After this, in March this year, the company filed a patent for it. According to this patent, the company is working on a two-screen phone that looks like a book, which will become a tablet when it opens.

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