Baba Ramadev Company Patanjali Launches New Messaging App Kaimbho


Baba Ramadev New Messaging App Kaimbho


Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev company had launched Indigenous Promody Simcard on Sunday and now Patanjali has launched Messaging App to give a fight to WhatsApp today. Patanjali’s messaging app is named Kimbho, which is available for download in Google’s Play Store. This 22 MB app has got more than 1 thousand downloads.

Patanjali spokesman SK Tijarwala tweeted the tweet about the launch of this app. He tweeted, ‘Now India will speak. After launching the SIM card, Baba Ramdev has launched a new messaging application, which is named Kimbho. Now Whatsapp will get a tough competition Our own foreign messaging app It can be downloaded from the Google Store. ‘

Location Sharing Feature in Kimbho

  • Kimbho has been kept in Messaging, Sharing and Voice Call categories. This will allow video calling like Whatsapp app. Users can also share text, messages, videos, photos and audio in real time. This app also features location sharing.
  • The claim is that this app is completely encrypted and secure and will not show any kind of ads like Whatsapp. Patanjali Communications claims that its features are of a collision with Whatsapp.

The App is Present on the Google Play Store

  • 23 MB Size This app has been updated on Google PlayStore on Wednesday. It is available for free with a green conch logo. There is clear information on the app about Google Play Store. Its developer address has been given to Patanjali Ayurveda Limited, Department E-Commerce, D-28 Industrial Area, Near Income Tax Office, Haridwar, Uttrakhand, 249401, which is the address of Patanjali Company.

Kimbho Looks Like Exactly WhatsApp

This app is exactly like Whitsap in watching. Even its ‘logo’ looks similar to the ‘logo’ of whatsapp. In this case, the user is looking like contacts list, activity like activate like WhatsApp, and the full layout of the app will look like what you want. This app is designed with green background like Whatsapp.

Comments on Kimbo

  • A great start at least for those who think that the break up of WhatsApp is possible. – Mridul Joshi
  • Excellent .. more and more nationals should use it. Adopt indigenous, strengthen the country. – Nishant Bhavrajar
  • Another good start, we will be thankful to you – Vinay Kushwaha

Launched two days ago Indigenous Prosperity Sim Card

  • Patanjali and Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) jointly launched the Indigenous Prosperity Sim on Sunday. This SIM card is only available to Patanjali employees only. On recharge of Rs 144, user will get 2GB data and unlimited calling facility. Along with this, a 10% discount on Patanjali products will also be available through this SIM.

Ramdev Boley – aiming to serve the country

  • On the occasion of SIM Launching, Baba Ramdev had said that BSNL is an indigenous network and Patanjali and BSNL aim is to serve the country.

“The goal of the company is to charity,” he said, adding that our network will not only provide cheap data and call packages, but will also provide health and life insurance to the people. ”

However, Ramdev also made it clear that insurance would be covered only if it was a road accident.

SIMcard Launched on Sunday

Patanjali launches SIMcard on Sunday and has entered into the world of telecom. Patanjali, the company of Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev, has launched an indigenous Prosperity Simcard by partnering with the public sector telecom company BSNL. In the initial days, Patanjali’s staff will have this SIM card. In the coming days, when it will be launched commercially, this SIM card will be given 10 percent discount on every product of Patanjali.

On the indigenous Prosperity Simcard, the user will be given unlimited calls, 2GB data and 100 messages on the 144 recharge. Not only this, customers will also be given Health, Accidental and Life Insurance. In addition to cheap data and calling packs that entice users, these cards will come with 2.5 lakhs of medical and 5 lakhs of life insurance. The special thing is that it can be done only in the case of Claim Road Accident.

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