Best 15+ Useful Windows Commands That Every Windows User Should Know

Command Prompt Program is one of the most powerful programs in your Window PC. You can control your whole PC from this utility.


Windows Commands That Every Windows User Should Know

Windows : Here today we give you some tested and unique best Windows Commands That Every Windows User Should Know. Most of the user don’t know about that window commands by the help of this command user can shortly do there work.


There are lots of commands to try, some for fun, some for something complicated and some for daily tasks like opening calculator, paint and more.
We have created this list of Command Prompt commands and tricks that may help you work better. Whether you just started using Command Prompt or you are a regular user, you should be able to find a trick to ease things up a bit.

List of 15 Windows Commands That Every Windows User Should Know

  1. %temp% – By using this command, you can clear the temporary files from your computer. This can save a lot of space which was being wasted by temporary files.
  2. cmd – Using this command, it will open the windows DOS command prompt.
  3. MSConfig – If you are using this command, it will open Windows System Configuration for you to edit different things like the boot options, startup options, and more.
  4. Powershell – Typing this command in the Run dialog box, will have your PowerShell opened without administrator privileges.
  5. lusrmgr.msc – This command opens the Local Users and Groups Manager where you can edit several properties of all the users and groups.
  6. perfmon.msc – If suppose you want to monitor the performance of your Windows computer and the programs you run, you can type in this command. This will open the Performance Monitor that will provide data. command.
  7. appwiz.cpl – This command opens the Programs and Features window where you can quickly uninstall your installed programs.
  8. devmgmt.msc – This is the command for Windows Device Manager, where you can manage all your hardware devices.
  9. regedit – This command is used to open the Windows Register, which is a hierarchical database that hosts all the configurations and settings of an operating system and the installed programs.
  10. .. (two dots) – This command will open up the Users folder which is located directly on the C drive.
  11. . (single dot) – This command opens the current user’s home folder which hosts all the other local folders like the Downloads, Documents, Desktop, and Pictures.
  12. Control – This command will open Control Panel, where you can modify your system.
  13. Notepad – If you want to note down something, you can use this command to open Notepad.
  14. taskmgr – This open task manager where you can manage all the processes and programs running on Windows Operating system.
  15. sysdm.cpl – This command will open the System Properties window.

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These CMD tricks will definitely help you understand Command Prompt in a better way. If you happen to know some other trick which is worthy of a mention in the post, let us know in comments section.


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