Best Bluetooth Stereo Headphones under Rs 2000


Best Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

There a number of reasons to go wireless when it comes to headphones, the smallest of which is living a tangle-free life. Also, when using wired earphones you have to tuck them safely on your person while traveling or running to keep them out of harm’s way. Then there is this new first-world problem of phone sizes getting bigger and bigger, which makes it very cumbersome to remove them from your pockets for every single little thing.

Well, the solution for all you music lovers and wire-haters is simple- get a Bluetooth headset. If budget is a constraint, then here is a list of some really amazing options that you can pick online within Rs 2,000.

Also note that although most of these headsets come at a much higher MRP than Rs 2,000, you can easily grab them at lesser prices on various online portals. You can find other such recent and exciting deals and offers on a number of headsets from various online merchants on a single page here.


Key Features Comparison:

HeadsetDell Byte Corseca DM5710BTSony SBH20Corseca DM4710BTPhilips SHB4000/00Nokia BH-11
Battery LifeUpto 20hrs of playtimeUpto 6 hrs of playtimeUpto 5 hrs of playtimeUpto 9 hrs of playtimeUpto 6hrs playtime
ConnectivityBluetoothBluetooth 3.0 and NFCBluetoothBluetooth 3.0+EDRBluetooth 2.1+EDR
Approx. Price OnlineRs. 1,399Rs. 1,885Rs. 1,590Rs. 2,000Rs. 1,699


Dell Byte Corseca Stereo Bluetooth Headphone DM5710BT

Dell Byte Corseca Stereo Bluetooth Headphone DM5710BT

This stereo Bluetooth headphone by Corseca and Dell is an over-the-ear headset with back-hang style, which means it hangs around your neck when you don’t want it to rest on your head. This is a plus point as the headphone is not adjustable and it is likely that it might not fit all head sizes. The Corseca 5710BT offers great connectivity promptly with laptops, PCs and most smartphones including iPhones for a distance of up to 10meters. The sound quality is quite good, glitch-free, even at high volumes at such a humble price. They also feature CVC echo/noise cancellation. Bass is average, but can be improved with equalizers on your phone. The headphone also sports an in-built microphone providing decent quality communication and recording capabilities. The Corseca 5710BT is powered by a 400mAh battery which claims to give up to 20 hours of music playback time and it can be charged fully in 3 hours. The build of the headphone is stylish enough as well as robust, and is foldable, hence easier to carry around in bag.  It is also completely hands-free as it sports 5 buttons on each ear-pad housing which can be used for making/ receiving calls, increasing/ decreasing volume and switching between music tracks. Available at around Rs 1399 on Ebay India, they come with a 1 year warranty.

Sony SBH20 Stereo Bluetooth Headset

Sony SBH20 Stereo Bluetooth Headset`

Although not exactly wireless, the Sony SBH20 Bluetooth headset comes packed with quite a few benefits. The headset comes with a tiny box (1.3 square inch) that has all the remote buttons for making/ receiving calls, adjusting volume as well as controlling the music tracks. It can be easily clipped on to the neck of your clothes, and can be used with any other ear-phones, with a 3.5mm jack, that you prefer, but lack Bluetooth. The SBH20 can be connected to most smartphones through Bluetooth or NFC. It also features multipoint connectivity meaning it can be connected to multiple devices at a time but music can be played from a single device only. The in-ear headphones are quite comfortable to wear and come with silicone tips of three different sizes. The SBH20 headset also features 9.2mm Dynamic drivers, frequency range of 20Hz to 20,000Hz and a 4mm in-built microphone with HD Voice, which delivers supreme in-room voice quality to the person you are speaking to. The quality of the stereo, bass and sound clarity lives up to the brand name of Sony. The Bluetooth headphone also gets a 110mAh battery which promises to last up to 5 hours of playtime or talktime, and charges up fully in around an hour. The overall build of the SBH20 headset is sleek and classy, and it comes in black, white, teal and pink color options. While the official MRP of Sony SBH20 Stereo Headset is Rs 2,690, you can now lay your hands on a black one for just Rs 1,989 on Flipkart and a white one for Rs 1885 on Amazon India. This one also comes with a year’s warranty.

Corseca DM4710BT Bluetooth Headset

Corseca DM4710BT Bluetooth Headset

Yet another offering from Damson Corseca, this headset is an in-ear-canal Bluetooth headphone with a very cool and trendy look for those who prefer IEMs above over-the-ear headsets. This superlight headphone provides quite an impressive connectivity with various devices like laptops, PCs, and most smartphones for up to a distance of 10m. The Stereo sound offered by Corseca DM4710 is also remarkable for such a modest price. Its ear-buds fit snugly in the ears and do not hurt even after prolonged use. While this one also features an in-built microphone for making and receiving calls, the headphone also has good battery back-up, claiming up to 5 hours of playtime, and charges quickly. Available at around Rs 1590 on Amazon India, it also packs in tiny remote buttons on each ear-bud housing for controlling music tracks without having to reach out for your smartphone or laptop.

Philips Bluetooth Stereo Headset SHB4000/00

Philips Bluetooth Stereo Headset SHB4000/00

The Philips SHB4000/00 is an on-ear headset that delivers clear, natural sound balance and rich enough bass. It features Bluetooth 3.0 EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) which means it transfers data at a faster rate, and provides amazing connectivity within a range of up to 15 meters. It gets 32mm Neodymium drivers, frequency range of 20Hz to 20,000Hz and an in-built microphone. The SHB4000/00 headset gets a Li-Polymer battery which claims to last up to 9 hours of playtime or talktime. You can answer, end or reject calls, redial last number, put calls on hold, adjust the volume and also surf through music tracks by simply tapping the intuitive controls on each ear-shell, which make the headphone completely hands-free. Soft cushions on the ear-shells are comfortable to wear, even for long hours and the headphones do not slide off your ears when you are running. Although officially priced at Rs 2,999, you can get the Philip Bluetooth Stereo Headset SHB4000/00 well within Rs 2,000 at various online shopping sites.

Nokia BH-111 Bluetooth Stereo Headset

Nokia BH-111

The Nokia BH-111 is one of the best Bluetooth Stereo Headsets in the market, now available for Rs 1,699 online. It is actually an A2DP streaming dongle that makes it possible for you to use any of your favorite wired headphones wirelessly, as it sports a 3.5mm jack. The dongle of the headset is a tiny, ultra-thin box which can be clipped on your clothes easily, and which houses all the remote controls for making/ receiving calls, regulating the volume and jumping through music tracks. The in-ear headphones that come bundled with this dongle deliver crystal clear sound and are quite comfortable to wear. The Nokia BH-111 also gets a 120mAh battery which takes only 120 minutes to get fully charged, and claims to last up to 6 hours of playtime or talktime. However, the device can be charged with a specific 2mm pin charger only. The build of the headset is quite trendy and it comes in green, pink, white, blue and black colors.

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