Best Hacking Apps for Your Android Smartphone


Hacking Apps for Your Android Smartphone

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The Android Play Store is an application store where you can find many applications, many of which are very useful, and many applications that you can use to create your own hacking tools. Today, we will learn about 05+ Best Hacking Apps which is a great application if your interest is in hacking, then I can say with the claim that you will definitely like the applications mentioned in this article. You people are requested not to use all these applications in a wrong way. Now let us know about the best hacking application –

Best Hacking Apps for Android

1. RMC: Android Call Recorder

RMC: Android Call Recorder
RMC: Android Call Recorder
  • RMC: Android Call Recorder Screenshot
  • RMC: Android Call Recorder Screenshot

The hacking application first is related to call recording. With this application, you can record the incoming and outgoing calls of anybody’s smartphone. In order to do this, you first have to install this application in Victim’s smartphone. The best part of this application is that it has got a lot of amazing features such as you can hide this application, upload the call recording to your Google Drive or drop box, whatever call recording it is Auto delete, and many more features are provided in this application that you can use.

2. SMS Edit

SMS Edit
SMS Edit
Developer: Ray Y
Price: Free
  • SMS Edit Screenshot
  • SMS Edit Screenshot

In the smartphone we can not normally edit the incoming message, but with the help of sms edit application, you can easily modify the message of any of your smartphones accordingly. This application gives the feature of changing incoming and outgoing messages and messages. The best thing about this application is that it is of very small size only 1.3mb which you can easily download and edit the message on someone’s smartphone.

3. Ear Agent: Super Hearing Aid

Ear Agent Android is a very powerful full-android application. With this application you can hear some other people’s story secret and do so, with this application, Bluetooth Headphones will also be required. This application will help you to reach a very slow voice. In the pro version of this application you get many amazing features but free version is also very useful.

4. WhatsAgent for Whatsapp


Today, most of the smartphone users use WhatsApp Usesapp application but there is no such feature in WhatsApp that can track the activities of another Whitespace user. If you want to track the activities of a whitsapp user, WhatsAgent for Whatsapp application can be very useful for you. This application sends you notifications when Victim is online and simultaneously you can track many Whitespace users together.

5. PixelKnot: Hidden Messages

The next application in the list of Best Hacking Apps is pixelKnot. There are many such secretes in our life that we share with a person in a partial person. It is difficult to maintain privacy in the world of today’s internet, but you can easily send a secret message with the help of the pixelKnot application. Are there. Another user must also have the pixelKnot application and password to read the message sent.

6. NetCut

Price: Free+
  • NetCut Screenshot
  • NetCut Screenshot

Many times wifi also use wifi to use the internet in their smartphones, but many devices / smartphones connect with a wifi, so that internet speed slows down. If you have this problem with you, then the Netcut application is for you. It can be quite useful but this application only works in the rooted phone. With this application you can control the internet speed of all the devices connected to wifi.

7. Mobile Client for WhatsApp Web

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

This application can be very useful in the list of Best Hacking Apps. With this application you can hack anyone’s WhatsApp To hack, you have to open the Whitespace of Victim and tap the Whatsapp web option. Then open this application and scan the QR code. The full control of the Whitespace account of Victim will be yours. Many applications that match this application will be seen in the Play Store, but the best part of this application is that you will not be able to see any kind of advertisement in this application.

I expect that the Best 07 Best Hacking apps will be liked. All the hacking apps mentioned are available in the Play Store. If you liked this article, then share it in social media.

NOTE – Please request that you please do not misuse the application stated in this article please do any wrong thing with the help of the application given in this article, there will be no responsibility for the CRAZYJAR website.


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