Best Trick of Google Maps, You Can Save Your Petrol


Google Maps Trick To Save Petrol

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Due to the rising prices of Petrol and Diesel, if you travel 1-2 kilometers more in your journey then the load on your pocket can increase. Most people use Google Maps nowadays for navigation. With Google Maps, the user easily moves from one place to another. Through this, we also get the best route address. Google Maps also lets you know traffic information on that route.

Perhaps you do not know, through Google Maps, you also tell you the distance of a number of routes between one location to another. The shortest route to the destination can also reduce your time and expenses on your fuel. With these steps you can easily learn the distance between the two places through Google Maps.

Google Map’s new feature will give accurate information on Indian  roads

Google Maps Trick For Desktop Checks:

  • Step 1: Open Google Maps on your computer’s web browser
  • Step 2: Zoom right on the point where you are starting the journey and right click
  • Step 3: After this, select ‘Measure’ in the drop down menu
  • Step 4: Click on the location you want to visit. If you want to know the distances between many locations, click on them all
  • Step 5: After that you drag that point, Google Maps will tell you the distance between those locations on the bottom page

Google Maps Trick For Smartphone Check:

You can also find the Distance Between two Locations on Android and iOS smartphones. However its process is slightly different. For this, you follow the steps given below.

  • Step 1: Open the Google Maps app in your phone
  • Step 2: Mark your start point with a red pin
  • Step 3: Then tap the name of the location on the map’s bottom.
  • Step 4: Now select Measure distance in the pop-up menu
  • Step 5: After this you have to drag the map so that the black circle will start coming in the point you want to add
  • Step 6: Now you can add many points through Add + Option in the app.
  • Step 7: After this you will see distances in miles or kilometers between the two points at the bottom

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