Best WhatsApp Tips and Tricks you Probably don’t Know


Best WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

WhatsAppWhatsApp today is the world’s largest messaging app. WhatsApp has more than 2 billion users all over the world. You too will be one of them, but if you are asked if you know about all the features of WhatsApp, then you will definitely think before speaking. Today we will tell you about 8 features of WhatsApp, which can hardly be known about.

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Whatsapp Tricks
  1. Message to Be Decorated with Bold, Italic
    Many times you have a lot of messages, one part of which is bold or highlighted and sometimes the message is written diagonally (italic) so you can also make such messages. For this, type the message and then click it for a while. Now you will get the option of cut, copy, share, bold and three dot. By clicking on three dot you can make the message bold and italic according to your own.
  2. Before Sending Messages and Videos, Edit in WhatsApp
    Many people will know about this feature but if you do not know then tell you that you can edit videos and photos only in WhatsApp before sending it to someone. At the top of the photo, you get the right and edit option, from where you can write something on the photo and also add emoji.
  3. Emoji of 3 Different Colors
    Emoji will be sending you to people on WhatsApp but do you know that the same emoji can send you in 6 colors. For this, click on the emoji which you want to send for a while, you will now see the same emoji in many colors, of which you can choose any one.
  4. Send a Message to Yourself
    You can also use WhatsApp as a notebook. For this, you have to send a message to yourself. For this, create a WhatsApp group with your friend and then remove it from the group. In this way, only you will be saved in the group and will be able to message yourself.
  5. Prevent Photos and Videos from Being Automatically Downloaded
    Due to auto download the data pack also ends quickly and the phone’s memory is also full. In this case, you can go to WhatsApp settings and click Data and Storage Use and close the media auto download.
  6. Backup of Chat on E-Mail
    Many times we want to keep chaiting from a particular person to be saved. In this case, you can get help from WhatsApp’s Backup feature. To backup, go to WhatsApp settings and click chat and click Chat backup. There you will get the option to backup on e-mail.
  7. clearer chat
    If your phone’s storage is full then you can delete WhatsApp chat. For this, go to the chat that you want to clear and click on the right and the three dot on the top. You will now have the option of clearing the chat.
  8. Send a Message to a Lot of People at One go
    Sometimes it happens that we have to send the same message to a lot of people together, so you can get help from WhatsApp’s broadcasts feature. To create a broadcast list, open the WhatsApp app and click on the three and the right and the other looking dot, click on New Broadcast and make a list. You can add the one you like to this list and then when you need to, you can message everyone at once.
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Whatsapp Tricks

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