Beware ! Fake WhatsApp app downloaded more than one million times

Fraudsters are managing to get fake WhatsApp apps published on the Play Store.


Fake WhatsApp app downloaded more than one million times


A fake version of the WhatsApp messenger app was downloaded more than a million times from the Google Play Store before it was removed.

Apps are always trying to sneak into the Google Play Store pretending to be WhatsApp. The messaging app’s huge popularity makes it a prime target for hackers trying to infect unsuspecting user’s mobiles.

Around 1 million users have downloaded a fake version of WhatsApp which appeared on Google Play.

Google appears not to have done enough to prevent scammers from using well-known apps, such as WhatsApp, from simply copying familiar app names, icons, and developer names and distributing them to unsuspecting Play Store customers.

Reddit’s forum users noticed that it was a hoax. Users who didn’t notice this and downloaded the fake app ended up with a major amount of adverts rather than a messenger app.

Cybercriminals are known to take advantage of everything that’s popular among people in order to spread malware, and Google’s official Play Store has always proved no less than an excellent place for hackers to get their job done.

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