BlackBerry Ghost Bezel-Free Android Smartphone to Launch in India


BlackBerry Ghost



  • Ghost is a smartphone designed for the premium market in India
  • BlackBerry phone built by the Delhi-based Optiemus
  • Phone features slim bezel and runs Android, says report

The name of the Blackberry too will soon be in the list of companies that make Beesle Lace smartphone. It has been reported that the company has kept the codenamed ‘Ghost’ of Bezel LS smartphone. According to recent reports, the BlackBerry Ghost Premium smartphone can be launched in the Indian market and can be given a Bezel LES 18: 9 rosy display.

It has been revealed in the reports that it can prepare Delhi-based company Optiemus. This Telecom Enterprise signed a license agreement for making BlackBerry devices and marketing last year. According to information leaked by Twitter user Evan Blass will be made by Ghost Smartphone Optiemus.

The picture of this smart design smartphone by Blas has also been shared on Twitter. However, there is no information regarding the specifications of this smartphone. But the picture can be clearly understood that there will be no mechanical key board in it.

According to information provided by Blas, these smartphones will come in Slim Bezal and it will run on Android. There is only so much information available about this smartphone. Nothing can be said about how long the BlackBerry Ghost will deliver in the market. It is also possible that this premium smartphone will be unveiled exclusively in India.

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