BlackBerry launch full touchscreen, waterproof phone in October


BlackBerry launch full touchscreen, waterproof phone


Upcoming iPhone 8 might have see serious competiton. when Note 8 that is rumoured to ship round the same time, currently there are news that BlackBerry might unveil a brand new sibling of the KEYone, and with some extremelymassive changes in Oct.

In a nutshell, TCL, the company that designs and builds BlackBerry phones, is planning to launch a BlackBerry phone that might be utilized in all weather, can have an honest life and durability and sport a full touch-screen display. Mahieu also said that TCL hopes that several iPhone and Galaxy users can switch to the new BlackBerry phone once it’s launched. Further, the company has not given any detail on the phone or its pricing.
The new BlackBerry smartphone comes as somewhat of a shock as a result of not only can it ditch the company’s signature physical keyboard, it’ll even be here in just 2 months.

TCL is banking on certified water and dust-resistance as a draw, and it is not clear how many people were expectingthat as a reason to create the switch. however Mahieu is hinting that the corporate is “marching towards millions” of device sales, though it is not clear what percentage models it must shift before it is thought of a success.

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