Boing AH-64 Apache


Boing AH-64 Apache

Boing AH-64 Apache

The Boing (Hughes) AH-64 Apache is one of the most famous combat helicopters in the world. My model 1:32 scale flew past with a mechanism by Walkera CB180, converted to 2 x Brushless and boardless (Spectrum). I have rebuilt it with parts of the blade 200SRX, now in the color of Israel Air Force.
Chassis, gear and four-blade head from the Walkera 4F180, battery, receiver, motors and servos from 200SRX, 2 external controller (30A Dymond and 10A UBEC).

Boeing Ah-64 Apache four knives, engine attack helicopter with tailvheel guy the landing gear arrangement, atandem cockpit for two man crew. Originally, Apache began life as a model 77 developed Hughes attack choppers advanced helicopter program to replace the us army ah-1 Cobra, and the first one 30. September 1975 Ah-64 was introduced in the service of the U.S. Army in April 1986
Ah-64 Apache has nose-Mounted Sensor Package for the finish, Owen and systems to night-vision goggles. Is armed with 30 mm (1.2) in m230 chain gun trotting out between the main landing gear, scrutinized under the fuselage. She has four hardpoints installed on a pillar wings columns, usually wears compound AGM-114 hellfire missiles and Rockets 70 Hydra. Ah-64 has a large amount of system redundantnosti enhancing combat survival.
U.S. Armi Choose Jah-64, Hughes helicopters over bell jah-63 in 1976 and later granted full production in 1982 Mekdonel Douglas continued manufacture and development after buying Hughes from helicopter summa corporation in 1984 First Production Ah-64 d apache longbov, kind version of the original Apache, delivered to the army in March 1997 Production continued boeing defense, space and bill; over 1.000 Ah-64 with are manufactured by today.

U.S. army jeprimarni operator ah-64, he also postaoprimarni attack helicopter from multiple people, including Greece, Japan, Israel, Netherlands and Singapore, as well as products to get licenses in the UK, as agustavestland apache. Now Ah-64 s have served in the conflicts in Panama, Farsi Bay in Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq. Israel used apache in his military conflicts in Lebanon and Gaza Strip, how the British and us apache seen deployment in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The first and the boing ex Mac Donnell Douglas Ah 64 Apache and beautiful since I already put on sight. It seemed like the case because if that of the helicopter and a name from battle to tevez and a soppranome but that in how to fight and aggressive as l ah 64 Apache and that in Indian language translated means enemy could not be more than appropriate. So from now maybe there will be other models of helicopters.

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