Check Out, A New Upgraded Canon Mirrorless Camera


World’s Most Popular Camera Brand Canon, which has marked double-digit growth in India recently, has come up with an astonishing version of a new camera.
Canon EOS RP, this is the upgraded addition of its previous camera, Canon EOS R. It comes with full frame with interchangeable lens and mirrorless camera alongside EOS RP kit. The initial price of this camera starts from 110,495 INR for its body only. And with kit, it will cost 199,490 INR.


The Japanese camera maker company , which has been a leader in the professional grade DSLR camera segment for years, brought its first full frame mirrorless camera called EOS R to India in September last year at a price of Rs. 189,950.


The Canon EOS RP puts the power of full-frame-mirrorless into a small, lightweight EOS R series body, opening up with exciting creative possibilities for you to elevate your photography passion to the next level. Canon EOS R and Canon EOS RP are the latest member of the renowned EOS family and are fully compatible with a system developed with over three decades of continuous refinement. These EOS R system cameras are innovative and new in design. However, are easily adaptable with other EF-S lenses, Speedlite flashes and accessories.

Aurga Smart DSLR


RF lenses, you can use the full range of Canon EF or EF-S lenses on EOS R system cameras with absolutely no loss of optical performance, via a choice of adapters. These adapters maintain full communication between its body and lens, but offer greater control, allowing you to keep using your lenses and explore others in the canon lenses system.

Canon EOS R has been a very successful camera by the company, which still appears as a significant member of the DSLR family. It included a madcap layout containing a Touch Bar Slider, which put Canon fans scratching their head to choose the best.

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