Chrome Vs Firefox: The Better Browser For Your Smartphone?


We get a default browser and get stuck to it as we think why should we even try another browser when we already have one. Google Chrome comes with most of the android phones as a default browser but is it the best? Well, this article will let you know all about it. Not many, but there is a tough competitor for the browser, and that is Firefox for Android. Well when it comes to synchronization, and the in-built browsing with the different applications Chrome cannot be beaten. But as Google is an ad company so there is no tracking protection in it whereas Firefox comes with that option.

Firefox comes with the deep link shortcut icon with sites, and it is quite handy. When you open a website in the browser, for example, if you open Instagram then you will get a deep link shortcut at the top of the browser which when tapped will take you to the installed application. When it comes to more of the features that you only get with Firefox and not Chrome; you get plugins option. You can install numerous plugins the way you use it in the computers, and plugins like ad-blocker are a relief for the users. In search suggestions and auto-complete feature; Google wins as it is obviously much better with its own search engine’s algorithm.

Which One is Best Browser: Chromium vs Chrome

The speed of loading a page is quite the same of the two, they are equally fast if not faster. But when it comes to the UI and privacy Firefox is better, and it has numerous helpful features as well that Chrome lacks. Chrome also eats a whole more RAM than Firefox and that slows down the processor, so according to us, Firefox is the better choice. If you have not tried it yet, give it a try and you will not regret.


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