Chromebook Features That You Probably Aren’t Aware Off


Chromebooks are packed with some pretty amazing features that make them a unique digital device for students. However, most of the students still aren’t aware of life-changing features that make Chromebooks the best choice for students in the classroom. So here are Chromebook tips that you have wished you had known earlier.


Ditch those “F” keys

Remember those F1-F12 keys whose functions are still a mystery to us. Well, they are gone now and have been replaced with some useful keys.

  • Back/forward page buttons
  • Page reload button
  • Full-screen button
  • “Switcher” button
  • Screen brightness buttons
  • Volume buttons
  • It’s launch time

Opening an app on a Chromebook was never this easy. Open the apps in the shelf with a keyboard shortcut: Alt + position number of the app. The first one is Alt + 1. The second is Alt + 2, etc.

Do the browser tab slide

It’s one of my favorite touchpad gestures on Chromebooks. Place three fingers gently on the touchpad and slide them to the right or left. It lets you switch which tab is active / displayed on your screen. It makes multitasking so quick and easy.

To the left, to the right …

You can put two windows side by side in a snap! Drag a window to the top right or top left corner of your Chromebook. It’ll occupy half the space screen and will leave the other half for another app.

Take it to the max —

Double-click the top of a window on a Chromebook to maximize it. Double-click it again to make it smaller and moveable again.

Boom — a new window

Don’t just click a link to open it. Do a three-finger tap on your touchpad to open that link in a brand new window.

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