Creative Freelance Careers For Those Who Hate 9-5 Jobs


Creative Freelance Careers

Freelancers and independent workers can work on various options they can show there creativity in different fields of interest .They already account for an estimated 16 million workers, and recruiting firm MBO Partners predicts that figure may rise to 65 million by 2020 if existing trends continue.

Millions of companies all over the world are looking for people who can complete their different types of jobs & projects & if you posses some skills then you can work for such companies & make good income.

Although there are many freelance jobs opportunities available on dozens of freelance sites but if you can have more scope if you work on any of these 7 jobs.

  • Content Writers/Marketers

For every word written online or offline, there’s someone sitting in front of his computer and bleeding his heart out. With hundreds of thousands of websites, numerous newspapers, blogs, and magazines out there, imagine the kind of opportunities you have as a content writer.

  • Photographers

Freelance photographer is one of the most popular freelancing jobs. I should have mentioned this much earlier in the article.

  • Graphic Designers

Freelance providing you have clients and your equipment you can take your graphic design business on the road on a freelance basis! To get more clients check out the Elance post below!

  • Web Developers

Freelance Web development is the work of developing a website for the internet. It has a number of affairs involved in it like developing the static single page of plain-text or like web-based internet applications, social networking and electronic businesses.

  • Social Media Managers

Freelance Social media coordinator or community manager jobs are not for everyone because you need to have experience. Here you need to know about platforms like LinkedIn, Google Plus etc.

  • Mobile App Development

While web designers and developers, in general, can make a lot of money freelancing, mobile developers, in particular, can earn a lot. Some corporate clients will pay more than $100,000 to have a single app developed. Because building the best mobile apps can take hundreds of hours to build,you will earn the fees you charge.

  • Translation

Translation jobs are also in great demand if you are a freelancer. You need to translate something from one language to another. There is legal translation and medical translation also.

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