How to customize your cards in your Google feed


customize your cards in your Google feed


Google now is much more than Siri and Cortana , where google offer cards with information hat matters the most to you (preferences). The Google Now cards come with up news and information depends on what you give Google.
Some news and rumours  say that , Google has this habit of scanning your Gmail looking for confirmation messages that might give you helpful alerts and reminders.

Step 1 : Before you can tweak Google Now, you’ll need to make sure the cards are turned on.

Step 2 : Open the Google app.

Step 3 : On the top left, tap three horizontal lines -> Settings ->Accounts & privacy -> Google activity controls -> Web & App Activity.

Step 4 : Now, turn on “Web & App Activity.”

In order to customize, you need to return to the sidebar menu and click “Customize.” You should see options for apps & websites, sports, stocks. So in order to add your interest, you just need to tap “+”.

In order to make it more friendly, Google also lets you customize it from the search results of your as well.

Step 1 : Go to or open the Google app

Step 2 : Search for your interest

Step 3 : If you see a card at the top, tap Follow Add.

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