Dangerous : 10 Worth Countries and Cities in The Word


Dangerous Countries and Cities in The Word 

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There are many countries in the world, where the going is equal to going to the mouth of death. Deaths were waiting for you at every step in these countries. Where life goes from everywhere to the horror of fear. People go to the market, then they do not know whether they will be able to come back or not. Let’s tell you about these countries and cities.

List Of 10 Worth Countries and Cities in The Word 

  • Iraq

Iraq has long been the world’s most dangerous country. Many of the world’s forces are active here for the elimination of ISIS. In such a case, it is a dangerous country.

  • Nigeria

African nation Nigeria is a terrorist organization Boko Haram. These countries are second in the most dangerous countries. Here Boko Haram has been involved in collective killings since 2002. The kidnapping and rape of women in Nigeria has become commonplace.

  • Somalia

Disrupted government and administration are the biggest problem of this African country. Kidnapping, theft and robbery has become the biggest business in Somalia. It is a big business to rob a ship in the sea and then to get ransom from the countries of the world. There are also illegal mines of diamonds.

  • Afghanistan

Afghanistan, the most dangerous country in the world, still stands to death on every step. Here every day news of terror attacks continues.

  • Yemen

Has been a victim of instability for a long time. Yemen has landed on the streets against poverty, unemployment, corruption; The rebellion is being crushed. Haiti insurgents have captured important places in the country. There is a ban on the freedom of speaking in this country too.

  • Syria

At present, the whole world is in sight of Syria. The terror of ISIS is on every side in Syria, the rebels opposing the government are also slaughtering. At this time, the Alliance’s alliance on Syria is in support of the rebels who want to remove President Asad, then ISIS has also kept its occupation on large part of the country. Assad, being handled by both, is getting assistance from Russia, Iran and Iraq. Russia is constantly attacking opponents of Asad.

  • Libya

Libya is completely turbulent even at the present time. After the revolution against Gaddafi in Libya many terrorist groups have been born, which are involved in slaughter and looting. If the fundamental rights of human beings can not be spoken here, there is a lot of cases of murder, kidnapping all over the country. In this country, the rule of his sticks is the same.

  • Pakistan

Since its independence, Pakistan has been consistently unstable. The reason behind this is the alliance of terrorists and the Pakistani army. For the sake of fighting with India, Pakistan has become a stronghold of terrorists, due to which in addition to terrorism, political violence, killing, drugs, kidnapping, countless incidents have become commonplace.

  • Egypt

Since the revolution, the two parties have been fighting for power since 2012. Opposition in Egypt is opposing President Mohamed Morsi to give power There has been no improvement in the circumstances even after Hosni Mubarak was removed.

  • Kenya

Terror is spreading rapidly even in Kenya, the gangs have staged a lot in the country. Crime like carjacking has become common in Kenya. Kenya’s financial condition is bad, so corruption is at the peak. Taking advantage of this, powerful people are looting the country.

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