Difference between Android and iOS: which one is Better


Difference between Android and iOS

Android vs iOS

In the early days, looking at the smartphone, there was a clear difference between Android and iOS. Now the conditions have changed considerably. Now both mobile operating systems have taken advantage of each other. Then there are some such features that you can clearly detect between iOS and Android. Know about these differences- ANDROID is better between phones.

Which phones are better – iOS or Android?

Operating system iOS and Android are considered to be the closest competitors, and yet, there is a significant difference in what they will discuss next

Launcher Apes

You can easily customize the interface on your Android device. It is possible with the help of all the launchers. Although iOS users can not do this. IOS devices have unlimited form of icons only. There has not been any change since the beginning till today.


Apple has a tendency towards its softwares and hardware, but it shows you a close integration between devices and platforms that do not appear in Google. If the iPhone and MacBook are running on the latest version of the operating system, you can also copy and paste between the iPhone and the MacBooks.

Benefits of iOS

At first glance, Android is better and more convenient in everything, but there are many important aspects that do not allow you to palm the prominence of this platform. In search of answers to the question, which is better – an iOS or Chinese smartphone, the cost of the device plays an important role.

“Android” is found cheaper at times depending on the phone, however, it is advisable to think about what happened due to price reduction. Often, savings are realized through OS, after which it is supported through updates, as a result, the consumer receives a cheap but “raw” device, which is the feature of the operating system’s fluctuating operation.

There are following interesting and unpredictable facts about such devices. Perhaps some of them will have the decisive argument in favor of buying a specific device:

  • Initially, the Android operating system was written as a software for digital cameras. Shell, however, was so successful that it became the basis for creating a new OS.
  • On the iOS platform, malicious programs are not more than 0.7%. This is also due to the tight system control of the Apple team, along with all new applications, as well as closed system code.
  • The first smartphone with the Android system was released by HTC. All products from iOS are specially made by Apple.
  • Since the beginning of the sale of iOS “apple” corporation has increased its income by 17 times. It was incentive to reduce the production of the company is not so successful in the market instruments

iOS or Android – what to choose?

To find a conclusion for yourself, you have to determine the purpose for which the device has been purchased:

  • iOS – Smartphone with a modern functionality, a good implementation of multimedia options and a well-developed OS
  • Android is a versatile platform that will appeal to new people in the world of mobile devices, as well as professionals engaged in software development. They provide more opportunities for system modification and privatization.

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