Do you know these 8 special smart features of Gmail?


Do you know these 8 special smart features of Gmail?

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Google’s Gmail service is the world’s most popular email service. Gmail has many hidden features through which people can make their work easier. Intercept email sent in the middle, edit the e-mail while offline, send replies from Gmail, even if you do not have internet.

8 special feature of Gmail

 1. Edit your Internet without mail

Gmail can be used to edit mail even while offline. For this go to Gmail’s settings. Click on the offline option at the top right there. After this, the option of launching the bottom launch Gmail Offline will come. Click on it and open the Chrome Store. There will be a button for the visit website on the right. Here you can turn on the feature of using Gmail offline on a new site.

2. Canadian Responses

Gmail can use the Kennad Response feature when repeatedly, in a reply to a mail, the user has to write the same thing. In order to enable Canadian Responses, you have to go to Gmail’s settings and click on Labs option there and then you will see Kenned Response written downwards. Enables it.

3 Get the option of chat right 

At the moment Gmail has a chat bar on the left, but if the user wants it then it can do right. Go to Settings for this. Choose ‘Labs’ here. Enabling this option will get the option of ‘Right side chat’ below.

4 Send mail sent to 30 seconds

Users can also prevent email sent to Gmail. It has the option of undo feature. To stop an email, you have to set the undo feature first. Go to Settings to enable the undo feature in Gmail. Select the General tab in which the ‘undo send’ option will be found when scrolling down. Enables it. In this you can set options of 5 to 30 seconds. That is, you can stop the sent mail between so many seconds. After making the undo stub, this feature is turned on after clicking on the Save Change option below.

5 Learn where the logged-in account

Through this Gmail feature, users can know when and where their Gmail account is? You can also see from which IP address and from which place the account was logged. Users on the desktop when they open Gmail, at the bottom right, will get the option of ‘Details’. By clicking on this, users can monitor their Gmail account activities.

6 Schedule emails

There is also an option to schedule mail in email. It means that the time of sending the email after a certain time can be set. For this, the user has to attach the ‘right inbox’ with his Gmail to Chrome browser. You can type messages and attach files to the user if it is available. It will get the option of ‘send letter’ below ‘Send Now’, which can be set to send later on to e-mail.

7 Labs to avoid fake emails

You can use the label feature to avoid fake emails coming in Gmail. Inbox comes a message from an email that you suspect may be detected. After logging in to email, go to Settings option. After this, select the option of ‘Labs’. In the labs, the bottom will be written as ‘Authentication Icon for Verify User’. After enabling it, the email address of people in the inbox will be different from the others.

8 desktop notifications

If you work on any other software on a computer and want to get notifications of every incoming mail in Gmail, then turn on desktop notifications. First go to Gmail’s settings and scroll down to the first given General tab. Here’s the option to desktop notifications. Enabling it will change the service. This service will be started.

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