Easy Way to Check Your Smartphone Either Real or Fake


Check Your Smartphone Either Real or Fake


The Smartphone has been able to connect with you in a special way. Smartphone’s mobile phone company has some new features. To get an Seeling rate, the smartphone company or company has some new product data, but it is still available for sale. This is the first time that he has done a lot of money in the same way. Such is the Smartphone key The brand’s brand name is available in the market and that is why we have bought a brand name in the market, which is also available in the market. There are also smartphones that can be downloaded from the keyword packing in original packing. Smartphone is as good as you want a confection If you are interested in joining Whenever you open a smartphone, you can use it to tell you that you have a smartphone that does not have a smartphone. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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  • Color and Design
    When you are going to buy a fixed model, take a little information about the company’s official websites. Specifically, how many phones the company has launched the phone. Also, how is her design? Photos are also easily seen on the Internet, but these photos also come from official or trusted e-commerce sites.

  • Smartphone Look
    If the look of a fake smartphone is similar to real, then you can cheat, because any user first sees his look, then the features are then. So whenever you look at a smartphone, first look at the company’s logo and design with the finishing of his body. If the logo is not right or if its design or shade is messy, then it can be thrown. The company logo is attached to many Fake smartphones. Not only this, take care of the packing and warranty paper carefully while removing the phone from the box.

  • Weight
    Companies making smartphones share all the information related to that model on the official website. This information also includes its weight. Any smartphone can be faked easily by its weight. Suppose a phone weighs 150 grams, but it may be that the weight of the fecal phone is reduced or more. The main reason for this is that the light part is used in fake smartphones.

  • Speed ??and Feature
    The speed of the fake smartphone will be lower than the real. However, this thing can not be tested so quickly. Anyway, with the help of software in Fake Smartphone, its hardware dectel is changed. By the way, these smartphones can be made on the basis of identity features. The features that are in the original smartphone are not in the pockets. Many times, there are some such features which are not in the original.

  • Price (price)
    The cost of the Fake smartphone is much less than the original. In such a situation, you may find that the phone looking at the original in the market is priced at a very low price. It is important to keep an eye on how much the company is selling its smartphones and what is its online price. That is, you do not make the mistake of buying low-priced greedy smartphones as an original.

  • Guarantee or Warranty
    Always know about the guarantee or warranty of buying a new smartphone. Also, check the warranty papers coming with the phone well and seal the retail showroom or shop seal on it. Companies often give warranty of 1 year or more on smartphones. Also, the replacement of new product is also facilitated by replacement, but on the other hand you do not get this facility in Fake Phone.

  • IMEI Number
    An easy way to check the phone is also its IMEI number. Let me tell you that every phone has different IMEI numbers. Which is used to block it in the form of its lost or stolen. The information of the company IMEI number gives the back of the smartphone where the battery is fit. Also, it can also be checked from * # 06 #. If the phone is two SIM then it will have two IMEI numbers.

  • Vendor Rating
    If you are buying a phone online then definitely view the vendor rating The possibility of good vendor product fluctuation is very less. For this, you can choose an online store like e-commerce shopping websites like Flipkart, Amazon, HomeShop 18, Snapdeal, with good ratings. Many companies also own smartphone phones at their e-commerce site.

  • Apps help
    The phone can be faked or original, this can also be detected from the app. There are many Android apps on Google Play Store that give you hardware related hardware information. This means that these apps also showcase the hardware model, brand, screen and other hardware features with the processor, RAM, graphics. These apps include apps like CPU-Z, Mi Launcher (MIUI), CPU X.

  • Hardware Switch
    The hardware buttons that are fired are also different. However, this does not make much difference, but with the original smartphone it can be realized using it. If you are feeling fake, you can give it to the company’s official store or dealer.

Disclaimer. We can not guarantee that the information on this page is 100% correct.

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