What We Eat Before and After a Workout


Eat Before and After a Workout

Why You Must Hit the Gym for Stronger Bones

Working out is not all about losing weight. additionally to slimming your waist, research suggest that regular exercise willfacilitate reduce your risk of disorder and sort a pair of diabetes. And staying active has conjointly been coupled to improved sleep, energy, and mood.

That means supply up with the proper foods before your exercise, hydrating with the proper fluids throughout your plan, and eating the proper amounts at the proper times.

“You don’t ought to adhere to a rigid schedule, and there are not any hard-fast rules,” says Riska Platt, M.S., R.D., a nutrition advisor for the cardiac Rehabilitation Center at mountain peak center in the big apple. “But there are some belongings you should do before, throughout and when you’re employed out.”

Before workout foods

Here’s a list of the best foods that should be consumed before workout-

1. Fruits like banana, apple etc.

2. Muesli and Milk

3. Dry fruits – almonds and walnuts

4. Smoothie

5. Milk plus cereal

6. Porridge

7. Oat meal

8. Juices, coconut water

9. Lemon and honey water

10. Flavoured yogurts

11. Flax seeds, salmon seeds, and chia seeds

After workout foods 

Adding proper food in your diet after a workout will help in restoring the energy and recovery.

1. Egg whites, omelette and toast

2. Baked veggie with 1 potato

3. Tuna salad sandwich on whole grain bread

4. Oat meal, wheat flakes, cereal with fruits and nuts in milk or curd.

5. Cottage cheese

6. Bleach coffee after weight training

7. Peanut butter toast

8. Whey protein can be consumed naturally; the water which gets left over is a byproduct of paneer and is known as whey.

9. Natural protein shakes milk plus egg white which is a blend of toned milk plus egg white plus honey.

10. Hand full of nuts like almonds or raisins. It is rich in fiber, protein, and carbohydrates.


Good Workout and good food is good for your health that can change your life built your strong and healthy life and body “ GOOD HEALTH GOOD FOOD “ that’s can make your good health .

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