Facebook Launches New Feature Facebook Facial Recognition


Facebook Facial Recognition

The advantages of social media, the same losses Concerns about the privacy of this user remains intact forever. Many times people have used disturbances to misuse the pictures of people and use them to open a profile picture fake account. But now, Facebook has introduced a new tool to keep the pictures of people safe.


By using it you will be able to find out where your posted photo is being used. Under this feature of Facebook, you will know who is using your photo and which Facebook ID and uploading on the page.

The company had recently questioned the misuse of private photographs. Facebook has now released this new feature for its users, so that users can protect their photos.This feature works on Face Recognition Techniques. Because of this, when someone uploads your photo without tagging you, you will receive a notification from Facebook.

In this you will be asked whether you are also in the uploaded photo. If so, do you want to share that photo on Facebook? After this, if you want to stop sharing the photo, you can do it and if you want, you can also tag yourself in that photo.

Work on Face Recognition Techniques

Facebook has said that its new tool works on face recognition technology. This helps users to manage their identity. The test was going on for a long time and it is being launched after getting positive feedback.

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