Facebook updates its “Settings” section for security of users privacy


Facebook updates its “Settings” section


After coming out of the Facebook data leak case, the company had to face much indignation and criticism. In such a situation, the apology of Mark Zuckerberg did not work. The company has now announced to make major changes in its privacy settings. After these changes, users will get more control over their data and posts. At the same time, users will be able to control their details on social media.

  • Facebook data leaked to Facebook users: Let’s tell that Cambridge Analyca got data of about 5 million Facebook users through an app. Approximately 2.70 million people downloaded this app. These figures were reportedly used during the campaign of American President Donald Trump. However, Cambridge Analycia denied this. In this regard, Facebook has said that users have made changes to protect the privacy of privacy.
  • Changes made in settings: According to Facebook, major changes have been made in the mobile app and privacy settings. Users will be able to easily find data settings and tools, and easily remove your personal data from Facebook. Not only this settings menu has also been completely changed so that people do not face any problem in finding it.
  • Strict Need for Data Regulation: Facebook currently has 2.1 billion users active. Of these, 1.4 billion users use the site daily. Being a social networking site, people regularly share their thoughts, photos and life events on it. This allows Facebook to share high resolution pictures and information of any company or person. If this information is leaked it can be used incorrectly at several large levels. In such a big question arises whether the law will be enacted regarding privacy protection and data regulation in the future? Because such laws require a strict requirement to ensure the security of the users’ personal information after the case of this big data theft.

Giving this information on Facebook, he wrote, “Many of you are asking about how to control the information we share on Facebook and how to remove it. We recently made all your privacy and settings one place and we have named it Privacy Shortcuts. From here you can easily change your privacy to your mind. You can also remotely remove the app you want by going to app settings.

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