Facebook users will tell from today – whether data is stolen or not, please do this address


Facebook users will tell from today


Facebook, which is constantly stuck in the data leak case, will now tell the users whether your data was stolen or not. These include 5,62,455 users of India. You will receive information about whether the data is being stolen or not from Tuesday. Now full details of stolen Facebook data will be provided in the Cambridge Anilica Scandal. The 8.7 million Facebook users who have been stolen data will receive a message about this. These include 562,455 consumers of India.

Facebook has claimed that the users of data that have been stolen have only 0.6 percent of India’s consumers. The company spokesman said that there are about 20 million Facebook users in India. After downloading the app from these, only 335 people have been affected directly, while 562,120 people were affected by the ‘potential’ form.

Facebook says more than seven crore users from the United States are affected by the incident. In addition, data of one crore users in the Philippines, Indonesia and the UK is stolen. At the same time, 220 million i.e. 2.2 billion Facebook users will get a notice.

The title of this notice will be ‘Protecting Your Information’. It will also be accompanied by a link. This link will know which apps they use and what apps they share their information with. After this, users can close each app or even stop third-party access completely.

Facebook has been the biggest case of all the cases of data theft of so far. It is alleged that it has been executed to influence the presidential election in America. In this case, Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg has already apologized. After this, Facebook has made changes to its security standards.

  • Mark Zuckerberg to be present before the Senate

On the other hand, the trouble of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is not taking the name of the problem. This week he will be present in front of US lawmakers. His muscle will be on Tuesday in front of the US Senate. It is being said that after the incident of data theft, MPs are in the mood to rig the other online services including Facebook. MPs say that companies like Cambridge Anilika are strictly necessary to save the privacy and respect of the people of America.

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