How to Find Your Location Without an Internet Connection


Find Your Location Without an Internet Connection


  • The app was developed by researchers in Spain
  • It’s meant to help find stranded people during an emergency
  • App makes the phone emit a Wi-Fi signal that can be detected

Scientists have developed a smartphone app that can be used in emergency situations arising due to earthquakes, floods or forest fires, where mobile phone infrastructure is often rendered useless.

GPS Location

It will be possible to find people who are victims of the accident in remote areas where there is no signal to the phone. Professor of this technology. José Angle Berna said, “We have developed an app that can be used in any smartphone. It also sends a WiFi signal without a signal which can be seen as a sign of crisis from a distance of several kilometers. Works.They said that this sign contains information about the location of the victim or the missing person who is using the smartphone.

“At present, there is no system in the world that uses Wi-fi signals to geo-locate a smartphone. There are devices that allow you to detect mobile phone signals from a smartphone and pinpoint its location through triangulation, but it costs around EUR 80,000 (roughly Rs. 61 lakhs) and requires the use of a helicopter,” said Berna.

Portable device also made

Researchers have also developed a portable receptor device to detect signs of crisis. It can be used by the rescue teams. There is a small antenna in it. It can be linked to the team’s team engaged in the research campaign.

The app works like this

In the case of an accident or trouble, the victim will have to activate his mobile phone app only. It will also be sending distress signals from time to time, for hours and for several days even after the person is unconscious.

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