Find out about your Facebook data is with

Facebook Data: The HTML file starts with 'Ad Topic' - which are basically the keywords used to place ads on your Facebook page.


Find out about your Facebook data


Facebook is constantly criticized after Facebook data leaks have been stolen. We all know that Facebook can access more personal data than our wife, friends or parents. The recent scandal contains Facebook and political consultation Cambridge Analyte, who reportedly collected more than 5 million Facebook users’ data in 2014 and used it to influence elections in many countries. Now the important question is how to keep your data safe and how to find out who has your data.

First log in to your Facebook account. After this, click on the arrow mark on the right side of the blue stripe. After clicking on it, many options will open. Here’s the option of the settings below. Now click on it. After clicking on it, a new page will open. At the bottom of this page will be very small – download a copy of your facebook data

After this you will have a link to your email from Facebook. A zip file can be downloaded through this link. It will contain all the information about you since you started using Facebook since then. It will provide information about all the ads appearing in your profile. Perhaps your data will be given to Facebook by Ad companies. The name is hidden with ‘Advertisers with your contact info’.

The HTML file starts with ‘Ad Topics’ – which are basically the keywords used to place ads on your Facebook page. Or in the words of Facebook, “Additions of things you’ve been fascinated, or intrigued on your timeline will come.” After this, add history will be available in the next file. There will be all those add-ons that you clicked while running Facebook.

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