This Free Android App Can Protect You From Hidden Credit Card Skimmers


Free Android App Can Protect You From Hidden Credit Card Skimmers

Skimmer Scanner
Skimmer Scanner
Developer: Nick@SparkX
Price: Free
  • Skimmer Scanner Screenshot
  • Skimmer Scanner Screenshot

One of the additional successful tools of 21st-century crooks is that the skimmer. Thieves attach them to ATMs, gas pumps, point-of-sales (POS) systems and different places folks swipe their credit and debit cards.

Once in place, this sneaky little bit of electronics steals the magnetic strip info from your card.

Using Bluetooth lets the offender wirelessly transfer a list of card numbers from near , without drawing attention.

As it happens, all 3 of the skimmers use an equivalent easy-to-use Bluetooth module, usually employed in educationalor hobby comes, and it is picked up for a couple of dollars each.

As sensible as these skimmers are, the draw back is that just like different Bluetooth devices, several of thoseskimmers broadcast their existence — which means anyone WHO knows what to seem for will spot them ahead oftime.

The price we tend to procure convenience is sometimes vulnerability to unscrupulous people trying to steal valuable money info. It’s not always an anonymous hacker on the web, but — the largest danger is also at your native shop. the next time you fill your tank and swipe your card, bear in mind that there may be a “skimmer” within the pump, recording and storing your credit card information for later retrieval.

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