7 Free Connectify Alternatives for Windows PC


Free Connectify Alternatives for Windows PC

Free Connectify Alternatives

Whenever we hear wifi no doubt, we think of the Internet. First, it is the software that will change your system into a Wi-Fi router. Second, this tool will allow you to send and receive information from different devices.

Yes we suggest you some of the most popular Free Connectify Alternatives ,it also brings so many advanced features like File sharing, Bridge, Dispatch, etc. which are rare to find in its competitors. But like every other software or tool, it also shows some problems which compel to look for an alternative.

Why we require a Connectify option?

Connectify is a feature rich application, and there’s little doubt it’s the best WiFi hotspot request, but even as we described, there are a few problems. While Connectify is available in a free “Lite” edition, it is not a lot of, and the paid versions named Connectify PRO and MAX respectively start at $35 and $50 respectively, which can be a little steep for some.

7 Free And Best Connectify Alternatives
For PC

1. OSToto Wifi Hotspot (Free)

OSToto Hotspot is a free and popular (its older name is 160WiFi) hotspot software program. Although its name has changed, but now as well, it’s great WiFi hotspot software. It has a simple interface, and you can start your WiFi hotspot with just a single click. The application shares a secure internet connection, because it uses standard WPA2 PSK password security.

2. Virtual Router Plus wifi hotspot (Free)

It’s very popular WiFi hotspot software for quite a while now and it does its job nicely. It is the simplest WiFi hotspot application and has no additional features and not really a bad if you only want the WiFi hotspot feature. It allows you to configure the name and password of the hotspot and start or stop it.

3. Baidu WiFi Hotspot (Free)

Baidu PC Faster is a very popular free PC optimization software. But in addition to its PC tuning up features, Baidu PC Faster also puts a WiFi hotspot creator called Baidu WiFi Hotspot at your disposal. One of the best things about Baidu WiFi Hotspot is that, This free alternative to Connectify Hotspot is very easy to use and intelligent and It makes required settings on its own. You don’t need to dig into complicated settings.

4. MyPublicWiFi Hotspot (Free)

It’s one of the oldest WiFi hotspot software around and still it’s a great application. It comes with a lot of handy features and does share your internet with ease. The software program allows you to share your Internet with anyone or block any user’s access. It also allows you to block features like file sharing over WiFi that might eat up your bandwidth.

5. LionScripts WiFi Hotspot (Free)

LionScripts WiFi Hotspot Author can be a very easy WiFi hotspot enabling the software. The Connectify Alternatives comes in two versions. One is a free version with ads along with other is a paid model, without ads. As we stated, the program is very easy with only options to arrange the title and password of the WiFi hotspot.

6. Wifi hotspot pro wifi hotspot (Free)

The best part is that Wi-Host is a smart app. Consequently, for you to use, is not a must you have to install. For this reason, hit the ‘Run Administrator’ for it to work as the manager. AskVG runs this Connectify alternative.

7. MHotspot wifi hotspot (Free)

This application is compatible with Windows 7 and Android. Still, it works on Windows 8. It turns your computer into a wireless hotspot gadget within minutes. Equally important, with this app, you can connect all internet supported equipment as mHotspot supports a number of gadgets.

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