Gmail Go App Launches in India With Less Data Consuming


Gmail Go App

Google has launched Gmail Go App in India. The app will work on devices running Android 8.1 Oreo The size of the Gmail go app’s APK file is smaller than the regular Gmail app. The current version size is 9.51 MB. The app can be downloaded by visiting Google Play Store. Where the regular app replaces 47 MB, the same version will replace just 25 MB.

Gmail Go
Gmail Go
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
  • Gmail Go Screenshot
  • Gmail Go Screenshot

Earlier Google has launched many ‘go’ apps, including files go, liveboard go, youtube go, google go and maps go. Gmail is also equipped with features such as Group Email, POP3 and Exchange Listen to App Go Consequences. The app’s interface is quite similar to the existing Gmail app, but it looks something different in the User Profile section. Talking about security measures, keeping the user’s security in mind, the app blocks spam automatically.


If you have a smartphone that has 1GB or less RAM, then this news has worked for you. Google has launched the Gmail Live version of Gmail for low RAM and Android Go smartphones. The Gmail go app can be downloaded from Google Play Store for free. Actually Google has prepared this app for the Android version of Android Orion. The Android operating system is for low-cost and low-RAM smartphones. The Android operating system is for low-cost and low-RAM smartphones. Google has launched many apps like Google Go, Maps Go, YouTube Go, for smartphones with 1 GB or less. These apps will get all the same features as regular apps. If you have a low RAM in your phone, then you can enjoy a lot of RAM with these apps through the app.

The size of the Gmail Go app is less than 10 MB, while the original GPS app size is more than 20 MB, while the size of it is more than 50 MB. The Gmail go app will also get all the features of the Gmail app, though there will be some special features such as Smart Inbox. In the Smart Inbox, you will be able to match family and friends.

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