Good news for Jio phone users, now you can run WhatsApp


Jio phone users, now you can run WhatsApp

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The world’s largest text messaging app WhatsApp will now be used by users of Jio Phone. Considering the news, Whatsapp has made an app that will support the Jio phone.

Actually, Jio feature phone works on ‘Kai’ operating system (Kaios), which does not support whatsapp. Keeping this in mind, WhatSAP has created an app that will work on ‘Kai’ operating system. Earlier, the news came that Reliance Jio was negotiating with What’sapp. Reliance recently launched the special edition of the Facebook app for the Jio Phone.

According to a report, users using Jio Features phone will now be able to use WhatsApp on their phones. According to media reports, testing of whatsapp on kiosms has been tracked. WaBetaInfo, who first spotted this feature, wrote in a blog, “Whatsapp Beta Windows Phone App 2.18.38 has found a new Kiosk app to be made.”

Reliance Jio 4G VoLTE is a feature phone. Reliance launched this feature phone keeping in mind the small towns and villages. The users who used the phone were complaining that they did not support whatsapp.

Whatsapp and Jio will Benefit

Whereas the phone’s cell is expected to increase with WhatsApp updates in the Jio phone, the use of WhatsApp will also grow faster. The point of note here is that more than 1.5 billion people use Whatsapp, while the number of Jio Phone users is about 60 lakhs. In this case, both new companies will benefit from this new feature.

Jio Feature Phone: FEATURES

The Jio Phone has a 2.4 inch QVGA TFT display. The phone runs on the dual-core processor. Jio’s feature phone works on ‘Kai’ operating system (KaiOS). The phone has 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB internal storage. The phone’s storage can be increased to 128 GB. In the phone, the apps like Jiotv, Jiomusic and Jio Cinema are pre-loaded.

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