Google Announces Play Store’s 2017 Best Apps and Games


2017 Best Apps and Games


  • Dear Zindagi becomes most popular movie on Play Store in India
  • Locally-developed Baahubali: The Game emerges as most popular game
  • Game of Thrones continues domination in TV shows


Is the End of the Year 2017, and it’s just the time when Google annually announces the list of 2017 Best Apps, games, movies,TV shows and music, globally and books of 2017 that’s available on the Google Play Store. “Best of 2017” for India and US:

Top Apps of 2017 in India

Top Games of 2017 in India

Top Movies of 2017 in India

Top Songs of 2017 in India

Most Popular New Apps of 2017 Globally

Most Popular New Games of 2017 Globally

Top Streamed Songs of 2017 Globally

Top Movies of 2017 Globally

Top TV Shows of 2017 Globally

Top Books of 2017 Globally

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