Google Banned 29 Beauty Apps From Play Store


Data leaks and stealing is not new for Android users. Various data breaches have happened in the past. Google is trying its best to ban or remove those apps which are stealing data out of your phone. Few weeks before Google had removed some apps which were stealing data of its users.


Recently Google has deleted 29 such beauty camera apps, which were sharing pornographic content and it was forwarding users to steal data from phishing websites in India primarily. According to a report by American cyber security firm Trend Micro, some of these apps were downloaded millions of times, a large number of downloads were made in Asia, mainly in India. Google has now deleted these apps from the Play Store.

Trend Micro said, “The user who downloads this app will not be suspected of any wrongdoing unless he decides to delete that app.” When users unlock their devices, the app will display different ads on the full screen, which may contain some bad ads (fraudulent content or pornography kind of ads), which will pop up through users’ browsers.

According to the report, “During the analysis, they found a paid online pornography player, which was downloaded when clicked on a pop-up.” None of these apps indicated that they are behind the ads, so it is difficult for the users to find out where they are coming from.

Google cannot catch such apps as the developers compress archives also known as ‘packers’, which makes it hard to identify such apps. As of now, we suggest you use well-known apps for editing and beautification of your photos. You can use Snapseed, it’s a Google’s app, and it’s free. Apart from this app, you can try Adobe Lightroom or Default Beauty Mode of your camera.

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