Android Apps Ads Displaying on Lock Screen Bans by Google


Google Bans Lock Screen Ads

Here is the god news for those user who frustrated from the ads on Lock Screen.Yes Google Bans Lock Screen Ads. Now user can use there Mobile freely and not facing problems when open lock of the screen.

AdBlocker Apps for Android

The Google Play Developer monetization rules have been updated to ban lock screen ads. It’s not really possible to show an ad on the existing lock screen, unless you’re counting a notification (which is pretty easy to block).Google has changed its Play Store policies and no longer allows apps that place obtrusive ads on your handset’s lock screen. The new change affects all apps whose purpose is any other from being lockscreens themselves and is detailed in the the developers’ monetization support page.
This means that if an app is designed to be a lockscreen replacement, it’s technically still allowed to show you ads; however, music players, third-party galleries, and casual games won’t be allowed to do that.

Unless the exclusive purpose of the app is that of a lockscreen, apps may not introduce ads or features that monetize the locked display of a device.

As Android Police clearly notes, apps like ES File Explorer and Hotspot Shield VPN — two popular utility apps — will no longer be able to display ads on your lockscreen with the intention of trying to get users to click them.
While the new policy appears to be in place immediately, Google has not given details of any sort of deadline by which developers have to comply.

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Oftentimes, these ads are easily ignorable, but accidental clicks are not only obtrusive, but could potentially be exploited to bring you to a website that could phish your personal information.

Nevertheless, in most cases, shady app developers have misled users with false promises into using their custom lockscreen, which then rotated through various ads while the phone was charging, earning the app developer a profit.

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