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Google Clips is a wearable camera that learns to take great pictures Hands-free lifelogging cam joins the Google family


Google Clips Camera

Google ‘Clips’ is a camera that uses Artificial Intelligence to understand when to click the photo and shoot the video. This camera can now be purchased at the Play Store. Even if its sale has been started, but it will not be delivered immediately even after buying.

Google Clips Camera

According to the reports, this camera priced at around Rs 15,000 will be delivered till 27th February. The clip captures the camera itself according to the secrecy and creates a fantastic frame with its 130 degree angle.

According to the news, the camera automatically uses the Offline Machine Learning Model and the Visual Processing Unit called Moment-IQ to capture the photo. This camera is also smart enough to understand people’s expressions, lighting and framing.

But there’s a drawback here, too. For now, Clips is great for finding images of people and pets (or really, cats and dogs — not pet pigs). It’s not a device you can take on a vacation and expect it to find the best images for you. Over time, Google plans to expand the machine learning model on the device to include support for more situations, but right now, it’s basically probably best as a device for young families. “We’re starting with a focus and then we’ll build out from there,” explained Payne. “Right now, it doesn’t understand the world in general.”

Google also announced a whole bunch of other stuff at its big event, including two new Google Homes, the Max and Mini, the Pixel Buds with real-time translation, and a new Daydream View headset.

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