Google Launched Android P Beta With New Features For 7 Smartphones


Google Launched Android P Beta

Android P

Google has introduced the public beta version of ‘Android P‘. The company has introduced the public beta version for several smartphones in the annual Developers Conference in Mountain View, California. Google had introduced ‘Android P’ for the Developers preview this year, in which features such as Notch and Privacy Restrictions were revised. Although the stable version of the new operating system was not present. The public beta version of ‘Android P’ will be available in seven smartphones in addition to Google pixels and pixels 2 series. These smartphones include Nokia 7 Plus, Sony Xperia XZ2, Shaomi Mi Mix 2S, Oppo R15 Pro, Vivo X21, Essential PH-1, and the soon-to-be OnePlus 6 launch.

  • AI & Adaptive Battery Features

Talking about Android P, the company said that AI has taken special care of it. Android P offers an Adaptive Battery feature that saves the battery of your smartphone while using machine learning.

  • Adaptive Brightness Feature

Apart from this, Android P has an Adaptive Brightness feature with machine learning. Along with that, the company has launched ML Kit for Developer, which will help develop Devell in a machine learning application.

  • Digital Wellbang

Through this feature, those people who use the Internet without controlling will be reinforced. If you watch the web series on Youtube, it will also remind you to take a break. There is also a new dashboard for this.

  • SUSH Feature

Android P has a feature called SUSH which starts Do Not Disturb. No notifications will appear on the display during this time.

  • Gesture Support

Android P also got new gesture support. In addition, Android P will also help in reducing smartphone addiction under Google’s new digital wellbeing initiatives.

  • Slices

Slices gives you more information about the app that uses the most. As you search the taxi service provider ‘Lyft’ in Google search, you will get information about price and ride time etc. in slices so that you will be able to book the ride as soon as possible.

  • Google Lenses

With the help of Google lens, it will be able to recognize the words. Users will be able to easily copy paste in smart text selection feature from textbook to phone. As you move the camera towards a menu, you will know what the dish is.

  • App actions

There is also the App Exams in Android P, which will tell you what you need to do so that you can be much faster and creative.

  • Navigation

Navigation VPS will be able to navigate through the smartphone’s camera. This feature will allow you to know where you are and where you need to go through the use of the camera.

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